Monday, February 14, 2011

An attempt to catch up in CCK11

I have been unfocused for the last two weeks of cck11. I have followed the facebook group only. Now, I have decided to spend about one hour on catching up. What was discussed the past two weeks?

Wordle: cck11
Hm, ProfesorBaker´s seems like a common word next to networks..

Cloud from CCK11Feed on Twitter

Cloud of keyword cck11 on Twitter

  • Reflection: Is ProfesorBaker the cck11 alpha dog? (I hope alpha dog is not something negative in English, I mean it as a positive thing) Look at the picture below, his blog is mentioned there too:)  Or maybe connectivism does not include alpha dogs in the theory? 

  • Let´s check the Mention Map for CCKFeed twitter account..

Well, there are some strong links but what do they mean? I am not sure. 

  • So, now it has been an hour. Enough cathing up.. Just to let go of the rest..

What is your strategy for cathing up in a MOOC like CCK11?


Matthias Melcher said...

Normally I would say that catching up is not necessary because a MOOC is designed for autonomous picking of topics to follow or to let go. But it is phantastic how efficiently you used one hour to skim two weeks!

Linn said...

Thanks:) Yes I know that catching up is not really necessary in a MOOC since you can´t browse all the content anyway. But I usually do this weekly notes and now I don´t have much notes and I don´t want to entirely skip two weeks notes. Thanks for reading and commenting Matthias.