Saturday, February 5, 2011

To me cck11 isn´t knowledge until it´s used

When I was in teachers school, some taught us "try not lecture to much when you  teach, research show that people will typically stop listening after only ten minutes", by lecturing to us (for hours and hours).
You can understand something but then act yourself like you didn´t understand it. Like I understand a lot about a healthy lifestyle and yet keep on acting like I didn´t.The "knowledge" then has no impact in practice.

I prefer to look at knowledge as something that really changes the way I act (compared to something that I understand), to narrow the concept. To make use of understanding is very much a challenge (to me). Understanding algebra is one thing. To use it, another.

An incident from the past week:

One of my students 17 years old was exited one morning. He told us he had a really great idea and wanted to know more about how to start his own business. I said:
"I have no clue, but I will ask my network in Twitter"
"Twitter? Network?" he replied. 
I sent out a tweet, and got three answers in a couple of minutes with links to a website. I gave them to the student.

From MOOCs I learned Twitter and so many other tools and now I can also, like in the situation above, try to begin to use this PLE/PLN way of learning.


AK said...

I'd say that this is an interesting distinction for what constitutes knowledge. I would say that knowledge is something (information) that I understand. I don't necessarily have to put it into practice.

For example if I keep eating fried food and my arteries clog up and the doctor tells me "well, I told you 10 years ago to stop eating so much fried food", I got the information, I understood the repercussions, but still I kept eating fried food 5 times a week. I think probably "widsom" might be knowledge that is acted upon.

Linn said...

Of course. You are right! I´ve totally forgotten about the concept wisdom. Thanks for reminding me. But then I must say I prefer to discuss the wisdom rather than knowledge. :)