Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Coffeebreaks and the Friday Beers in PLENK2010?

Informal groups are forming, I like that! Sean Fitzgerald invited me to a coffeebreak in Second Life:-) A Facebook page started this weekend, 60 persons joined so far:-) And then the Twitter clusters that Tony Hirst visualized :-)
Still, I miss the nonverbal communication in the coffeebreaks IRL. It is more difficult to get to know new people without beeing able to read their faces I think. So if anyone would be interested in a 3-10 persons-15 minutes-coffeebreak arranged with for example Skype videoconference, let me know ;-)


Sean FitzGerald said...

You'd be surprised at the amount of non-verbal cues you can pick up in Second Life. They call it "increased emotional bandwidth" in comparison to other forms of online interaction.

Still, I understand if you like to see faces.

Steve Mackenzie has been experimenting with Vyew which is free webconferencing with webcams. You might want to follow what he's up to -

I'm an auditory/verbal learner/thinker/communicator, so I prefer voice above all else. I plan to experiment with some voice tools, some with webcam. I'll send you an invite if you like.

Linn said...

Thanks for your comment, I will have a look at the experiments. I would call myself a "learner by doing" but sure, send me an invitation. And I promise, today I will create myself in Second Life. See you!

Cris said...

Let's do some collaborative inquiry, Linn.

Let's Skype and meet in Second Life and see how different the experiences are.

I'm happy to help you learn the ropes in Second Life. I teach there and just wrote about my classes (shameless self-promotion here ;-)

Linn said...

Hi Chris! Sure, let´s do so :-) I am just a bit concerned, don´t have enough time for my first life. Is it then a good idea to start a second life? I have just decided to spend 45 minutes/day, no more in PLENK. For 3 minutes I will read you blog :-), then I go to FB for 5 minutes, then SL for 5 minutes, Skype for 5 minutes and then The Daily. Thank you for commenting, see you :-)

charlotta wasteson said...

Åhhh ... vilken klockren kommentar: "don´t have enough time for my first life. Is it then a good idea to start a second life?" Precis så känner jag också! Måste man ge sig in i spelvärlden också! Jag orkar inte! Det är så mycket annat jag vill göra!