Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What brings people to PLENK2010?

And what brings teenage students to school?
Predictability, structure and feedback for example - how important is it in PLENK compared to in upper secondary school? Just thinking out loud after another workday in an upper secondary school..


Lejon said...

Hi Linn found your Plenk2010 blog by chance. I also signed up for the course but I have been far less active compared to you. Actually I feel somewhat confused. Perhaps I need a startup period. Besides I have difficulties finding time to join whatever I ought to join. I have been a true follower of George Siemens's elearnspace for a long time before this course and I have sort of got the habit of following some person's blogs. I even have a blog of my own which I started before this course but of course I can use it for the course. Unfortunately I started writing in Swedish because I hoped my students and colleagues would read it (of course they know English). Good luck with the course, I will follow you from time to time.


Linn said...

Hi Lars-Erik. I remember you from the network Dela. I too am a confused student in PLENK. I sometimes feel like I am inside a washing-machine or that I am in some lord-of-the-ring-sect, but I like it anyway. Good luck, I will read your blog too

Anonymous said...

Hi Linn,
Thanks for your sharing.
I like your posts, and this one on the needs hierarchy. I understand that you are new to MOOC, so it could be a bit daunting at the start, and even finish. I had been with it since 2008, and so I am with you, in all those overwhelming feelings, and you aren't alone.
I am glad to be connected to you. Keep up with your nice posts and hope you'll enjoy learning together.

Linn said...

Hi John, thanks for your comment. I really like your xtranormal video: