Monday, September 13, 2010

PLE compared to LMS

So, if I blog/twitter and use my RSS reader, I have my own PLE, right? (This might be a misunderstanding)

I like this, compared to LMS, because I find the LMS ugly! Boring design. I mean, the ones I have used so far..

Now instead, I can personalize/design my own igoogle with my RSS reader, my calender and so on and handle practically everything from there. Great :-)

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Chris Jobling said...

Thanks for your post ... it inspired me to give Netvibes another look (I've always found iGoogle a bit too cluttered for my taste, and always end up going back to Google Reader). I blogged about this here:

I agree that iGoogle or Netvibes provide a good platform to start building a PLE. As you say, the availability of the basic building blocks, RSS reader, calendar, to do list, etc, makes it easy.