Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goals and sub-goals as tags in blogposts in MOOC´s like PLENK2010 for following progress?

This school year I made a natural science course in Blogger for my students.
I tagged the different posts (tasks) with the different goals for the course. This as an attempt to make the goals more clear for the students. And then I also made a tag cloud from the tags.

But what if it instead was a MOOC like PLENK? And if the students had their own blog/portfolio/PLE with their own goals and sub-goals? And if they then tagged each of their posts with the proper goal(s)/sub-goal(s)? And then made a tag cloud from it?

Would this make it easier to follow the progress and to assess?


Didier said...

Can we see your course?

Linn said...

Hi! Of course, (it is unfortunately in Swedish) You find the tag cloud to the right if you scroll down
I also linked it above. You can´t see the students, just the web page, the adminstration and portforlios I manage in another system right now (not open)

Anonymous said...

Underbart att läsa detta inlägg! Jag tänker väldigt lika dig i detta fallet och tänker att detta måste utvecklas!

Linn said...

Tack. Vad glad jag blir av att läsa din kommentar :-)

Linn said...

Här är en relaterad rapport