Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When you miss fast feedback and ratings in PLENK2010

you can always
for a while.

Assessment when I set my own goals ? Maybe I could have my blog as my portfolio from the moment I declare my goals. My first blogpost should then describe my goals. And the last one should show that I have reached my goals. And the posts in between show how I reached them. A portfolio like that would be possible to rate I think.


MoodlerCarol said...

When the goals are set on the opening posting, perhaps a rubric of some sort could be included. Succeeding intervals might indicate which portions of the goals and in what manner they has been achieved, and what more might be desired. Additionally, this might be a place for noting other paths to follow in the future to build on the intersections of the goals.
In my opinion, this is a nifty way to use both reflection and assessment as one moves through the processes.
Thanks for the entry.

Linn said...

Thank you for this very interesting comment!Succeeding intervals I think is a good idea. And also the noting other paths to follow. I have noticed that blooging is a very good tool for writing things down to remember!