Sunday, October 10, 2010

Second Life

I am making some progress in Second Life. Managed to move from Welcome Island to the city where some PLENK2010 classmates arrange meetings.

I was a bit skeptical to Second Life because of Barbie-looking avatars, not having your own name and things that costs money etc.

But I now realize there is lot of advantages too. I am travelling to New York in an few weeks, and Second Life allows me to explore the city before going there IRL. This is New York Ballroom and Jazz Club according to Second Life for example. Seems like a nice place.

By the way, am I allowed to film and take pictures in Second Life? To show the environment to collegues and students?


Sepp said...

Sure you can! There is a built-in camera in Second Life and inworld photography is a huge interest. Just check out the vivid Second Life community on for example Flickr.

There is no built-in movie camera, but Fraps work great.

For posting your inworld pictures to your blog, you can (apart from uploading your pictures from your hard drive of course) use Flickr as your online image source or as your blog engine, or you can try BlogHUD which let you upload your pictures from withing Second Life directly to your blog.

Good luck!

Cris said...

Hey Linn, you'll be dancing in Second Life soon. Sounds like you're making great progress.

You know the Flat Stanley book that has inspired many projects where travelers take photos of Flat Stanley in exotic places? Well, I always recommend that teachers take photos of themselves in Second Life to share with their students -- maybe not in the NY City Ballroom ;-) But on stage at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, washed under a tsunami on the NOAA island -- you get the picture.

Thanks for a really interesting question and to Sepp for some great tech advice.

Have fun!

Sepp said...

May I suggest a few online resources that are great places to start when looking for interesting places to go?

The official Second Life Destination Guide features some good samples in various categories. Maybe you are in for example the Arts, Education or Real Life categories?

Dahlia Jayaram blogs wonderfully and in detail about her travels in Second Life on Dahlia's Second Life. She has published two very beautiful books too; The Great Sailing Adventure and The Great Balloon Adventure.

Shinigami Kayo's Shini's Secondlife Fieldtrip blog have long been a great place to go when looking for interesting places to visit in Second Life.

If you are interested in taking real high quality pictures inworld, Torley's Guide to High-Quality Photography can be really helpful.

There are of course tons of other good Second Life resources online, but I hope these will prove both helpful and inspiring.

It would be interesting to learn about your experiences here later on. Have a great time in second Life!

Sepp said...

Sorry, I managed to get the link to The Great Sailing Adventure wrong. This one works!

Linn said...

Thanks Sepp and Chris! It´s amazing, all the possibilities in second life, I begin to realize. Sure, I will blog about my experiences but I must take small steps, because of lack of time. Thanks again.

Vanadis Falconer said...

Of course you can take photo´s. Look at my blog (in swedish-translator aviable)
I´m "working" as a reporter in Second Life to. A while a go there was several blogpost about just this matters of copyright and what to publish