Saturday, October 23, 2010

Would I pay for a MOOC like PLENK2010? Part One

What would make me pay for a MOOC in the future? I think not suggested readings or texts (books, papers). This I can find myself for free. For the same reasons I don´t want to pay much for music and videos nowadays..Instead, what I want is
  • belonging (a potential PLN)
  • structure and frames ( but still open) like weekly workshops, highlights from the past week, The Daily(sort of a center) and a suggested course goal, (clear as crystal)
  • formative assessment (coaching)
  • teambuilding events for a stronger PLN


Julia said...

Hej Linn !

Jag har linked dig i en post jag skrev, den är inte so väldigt brilliant, men jag trår du kunde gillar den ?
(Hoppas det här värkar svenska, jag bodde i svergie ett år när jag var fyra, so jag har bara hört, inte lärat det lesande.)

Better in English: :)

I followed your proceedings in the course (amap) and am impressed,but afraid you might feel dissatisfied with the course overall.

That is why I wanted to point to you in this post:

I am not involved enough to start a network, but maybe you want ? The post points out why I think it would be important that we add what we are missing in the course as far as possible.

And creating a network to connect better and go for little tasks together would be possible and needn't necessarily end with the course, it could go on and develop as learningnetwork.

Linn said...

Hej Julia, tack för din kommentar och för att du skriver om mig:-) I did read your interesting post and added a comment. I will join if you :) open a groups network. One more reason for paying for a MOOC is that you don´t have to be the teamleader/driving force yourself (I don´t the time or the skills) I believe in the "big" tools like for example Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Google for a sustainable network but of course there should be a center somewhere to return to if you are away for a while. Maybe FB, 113 people liked the PLENK page? Or just the tag PLENK2010? Or if you start a network :-)?

Julia said...

Hej Linn, tack för din kommentar och tack för offret join the ning metwork :)

Besides writing far to long yet, I am living too far in the future ;)
I believe that it will get very common that people collaborate on creating content, filtering...and explore the possibilites.
But I completely understand that you do not want to be the driving force at the moment, and that it is a time problem. I share your belief in the biggest common denominator- tools as connection-networks, but see networks like ning or as very useful addition to what we call PLE/N here, even more when the time has come to set shared tasks, projects or goals and create them collboratively. Seth Godins network triiibes is a good example, but sticks mainly to Ning, twitter + blogs yet.
I would start the network, but am truly not the right person, as I am hardly involved into the learning/contents/usualnetworks, rather analyzing and watching the whole with huge interest, due to huge time-problems. For this specific course it might not even be appropriate to start one, but as said in the post, for what the course is about, I think it would be. See you soon, here or somewhere in our PLE/Ns :)