Sunday, October 17, 2010

How Do You Write and Read Blogposts in PLENK2010

What if most people just read the first two or three sentences in most blogposts in PLENK2010?

I read this blogpost today and got to know that many of us leave a web-video in only ten seconds.

I wonder if you, classmates in PLENK (and others too) have a strategy when you write your blogposts? (I don´t really but the links above made me start thinking about it.) Do you deliberately use the informal style, the academic style or the journalistic style?

And how do you read blogposts? (Honestly) Do you read all of the text or just a few sentences? Or do you check if there are comments before you decide if to read?

I will totally spam The Daily tomorrow, this is my third PLENK blogpost this weekend..:-)


Vahid said...

commented on your post on my blog:

Alan Cooper said...

Hi Linn,
I don't think I have ever turned away from a post due to seeing a lack of comments, and the fact that the guy you linked to admitted that he did so made me think of him as someone shallow and not worth reading. I also often find a slightly "funky" look more interesting than something that looks too professionally "dressed up", so his second point didn't work for me either. His third point did make sense to me though, and if I wanted to use my blog for more than a personal diary I think I would have to unweave the various strands of my personality into separate more focused threads (and probably also adopt a more conversational and less declaratory style)
Typically when scanning my feeds I look at titles first, check the opening lines of those that catch my eye (or come from someone I like to read) and then only read the whole thing if it looks either like new information about something interesting, or a specially well stated version of something I agree with, or like something I disagree with and want to comment on. (And your post has managed to catch me on all three counts.)

Linn said...

Hi thanks for comments!:-) Seems like it is important with well written opening lines. Posts containeing new information or subjective controversial?)posts are more likely to be read. Maybe the journalistic style rather the the academic style for blogging then?