Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hope it's not too late for participating in the Friday Session discussion in PLENK2010

I am to slow to say something in the sessions but better late than never:-).
A clip from the Friday session where Stephen Downes speaks.

I understood that

One long term goal was to get to know the city
Short term goals was to move to place A, B, C

A review could be:

Good! You managed to:

  • Set a goal but still stay open minded for other paths
  • Choose a method but still stay open minded for other paths
  • Remain curious and mindful along the way
  • Eventually reach A, B C..
  • Reflect over the outcome
  • Realize that side-effects had a relation to your long term goal

Good skills for exploring (a city for example)!

But note, if the long term goal instead would have been to learn and practice how to plan more effectively. Maybe a good review would not have been given to you.

My point is that the validation of the outcome in some way must depend on the long-term and short-term goals. Of course the goal can be flexible. (Maybe this is the landmarks mentioned in the clip?) But the person that evaluates needs to be aware of your goals. Like a life-coach.

How can we NOT learn by living?

The challenge is, as I see it, to learn in the direction you want to learn.

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