Monday, October 25, 2010

My Notes from Week Six in PLENK2010

My notes from week five? Here they are
My notes from week four? Here they are
My notes from week three? Here they are
My notes from week two? Here they are
My notes from week one? Here they are


Vahid said...

I like this format a lot for the short notes of stuff that one thinks about while reading and annotating ideas. Simple, yet allows for a lot of variety since each slide can be independent from the previous ones.

Linn said...

Hi Vahid! Yes, I like it to, it sort of adds some structure and balance in the PLENK for me, when I write them at the end of the week:-)

MoodlerCarol said...

I love your notes presentations. Did you create it in Gooogle docs ppt and if so, how do you upload it to your blog? Thanks for helping me sort this technique out.

Linn said...

Thanks:)Yes I did create them in Google Docs Presentations and then I there is an alternative in the Share-menu to publish/embedd where you get the html code to embed the presentation. And just paste the code into the html view when you write the blogpost. Better explained with print screens but I can´t put pictures here in the comment. I mail you later if you want (at work right now)