Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Week in PLENK2010 - How Manage Information? Maybe by Network Memories

One thing is for sure, It is impossible for me (only one person) to manage the never ending news in e-learning for example. But many people in a network following news in e-learning can manage well I think .

Another example, to rembember birthdays used to be a problem for me, Facebook network helps me manage -no longer a problem.

It seems to me that finding the right networks/collaboration tools and then trust and rely on the network(s) rather than just myself for managing information, is important nowadays.

Information (for example a newsl in e-learning) will so to say, live in the network "memory" shared and remixed.

So, a lot of information flow nowadays = reliable networks become very important

(Totally different thing: If you are interested in how eyes move across information on blogposts read this)

The picture below is from http://images.nbii.gov

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