Saturday, January 22, 2011

This is how I understand Connectivism at the moment CCK11

The flow of information and news is fast nowadays, 24 hour a day

Impossible to store on hard-disk or in brain, risk of overheating!!

To follow and learn without overheating, you need extended memories. Twitter might work like an extended short time memory (what was I thought about/read this morning?) and blog and Facebook might work like an extended long time memory (to remember something three months ago).

Since Twitter, Facebook and Blogs are social medias, your memories optimal becomes connected to other persons memories, like in a neural network.
If you find the tools  to organize this in a way that fits your learning goals, you can sort of have like a big extra brain for learning :) and you can use your own brain to other things than just storing and organizing information. Like for example to remember to bring your training shoes  when you are off to the gym.

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Ο Φοβερός said...

Storing and organizing information (and accessing it when needed) is what our brains are designed to do. I think that the fallacy is that people try to learn everything that comes in their direction, instead of being more discriminatory about the information that they choose to spend their time on. Ever since we invented writing we have way more information than we can process (just walk into any library), but we don't go reading all of the books, we select what we read, when we read it, and how we process it :-) (CCK11 blo)

Linn said...

I agree but can´t really say I experience the web the way I experience a library. In my hometown library it was possible to read all the books in shelf : Natural Science.Someone else then organized it for me.
Now the information is
a) much more avaiable
b) linked in a way that there is always more to read
c)updated faster and more chatotic -another type of organisation is needed
I agree with you that the hard part is to choose what to read, but that is exactly what I mean we can use social media and network for. I don´t read everything that come my way but I try to stay updated in news in e-learning and science but I also work full-time. In the old library-times, that was not a problem, but now it is a problem. I have to organize it so I can rely on my PLN and PLE for helping me sort out what to read and what not to read.
Thanks for reading and commenting.