Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What would I do without my RSS Reader CCK11

Instead of seraching for a center in CCK11 to hang on to, I now try to create my own center by adding all feeds I find to my Google Reader. So far I have added:

  • The facebook group, tricky one. I tried to use yahoo pipes for the feed of the group but I am not sure  if it works. Any suggestions how to add facebookgroupfeeds to RSS Reader?


Matthias Melcher said...

Just curious: Why not http://cck11.mooc.ca/opml.xml or http://cck11.mooc.ca/dailyblogs.xml ?

Linn said...

I forgot:) Now I have added the first one, thanks

Chris Jobling said...

opml.xml is an OPML file (feed of feeds) so wouldn't behave as an RSS feed. You can import it into Google Reader using the import feeds feature but the results are a flat list of new feeds that you then have to manually assign tags to. Also the feeds are not filtered so you get everything, even non-cck11 posts.

blogposts.xml is the better bet. It's the same as the blog viewer on the MOOC (but without the comment feature)

Linn said...

Ok, I will change. Thanks Chris